HP team malfoy

Rarepair challenge prompts

I like rare pairs too much, me thinks.

rarepair_shorts HP Rare-Pair Challenge
Author: yinepu
Pairing: Antonin Dolohov/Tom Riddle
Progress: 2/13
1. Hear the silence
2. Mad world
3. Masquerade
4. copy prompt here
5. Discreetly indiscreet
6. Till death
7. copy prompt here
8. copy prompt here
9. copy prompt here
10. copy prompt here
11. copy prompt here
12. copy prompt here
13. Never really existed
HP team malfoy

Mandatory Pimpage

Ignore if ya want, but I joined an HP sorting community. I know what you're thinking...LAME. But it isn't. Yeah, you get sorted, but then there's a bunch of neat activities and stuff too.

That would be my sorting. I have a link provided on the left hand side of my livejournal if you're so inclined.